What you need to know about storing a wedding gowns.

Our next door neighbor sold his house recently and accidentally left his late wife’s wedding gown up in his bedroom closet. I retrieved the heirloom from the new owners and was dismayed at the condition of the box. It was discolored which prompted me to make the video you can see here →Wedding Gown Boxes part 1. Stay tuned for more information on this subject in Wedding Gown Boxes part 2.

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Do these 5 things to increase your wedding gown preservation service.

I have spoken to many dry cleaners who say they want to increase their gown preservation revenue but don’t take the steps to do it.  Here are 5 ways to make your wedding gown preservation business stand out from the rest.

  1. Be unique.  Offer something your competitors don’t. Do the research and find out what is new, innovative, safe and long-lasting. Don’t settle for the cookie-cutter cardboard box. How about a box that is versatile?  Something that can be use for other uses beside wedding gowns like men’s wear, children’s clothing or quilts
  2. Upgrade your display. Make sure your display is fresh and clean.This shows your customers that you care about their gown and want their business. I receIMG_3793ntly went into a cleaner and the display was water damaged! The clerk kept telling me it was old but why would a customer trust their gown to you if it will end up looking the same after a few years?
  3. Participate in a wedding show. I am always surprised at the lack of cleaners at wedding shows. Why not get directly in front of brides? Heck, I bet their bridesmaids need their gowns cleaned too.
  4. Network. Get to know your local wedding planners and bridal boutiques. They are the ones the brides will ask about where they should take their gowns.
  5.  Put a knowledgeable person upfront. Brides are all over the internet now and want to be sure a business knows what they are doing.  Make sure your counter person is informed on the cleaning and packaging process.

The majority of brides do not have their wedding gowns cleaned simply because they do not know where they should take their gowns.  Do these steps and you will get their business and all their friends too!

Simone Perry is the owner of Time in a Box Preservation Co. specializing is inert textile storage boxes.

Why Choose Us?

Preserving and Storing your Bridal Gown – By Time in a Box Preservation Co.


Dresses by Eugenia Couture, LTD., Photography by Lori Patrick, Makeup by Jennifer Campain

The day finally came and went. The day that you were able to finally wear the fairytale gown that you spent months, maybe years searching for. And now you look at it, strewn across a chair, or crumpled into a travel bag. Cinderella’s ball is over. The once perfect specimen, with every inch created, adjusted, manipulated to be your servant of beauty. Now sprinkled with champagne, lipstick and maybe a thin border of earth gathered as you floated across a grassy field. Whether it’s because of the emotion it brought you on your wedding day or the possibility of passing it down to a loved one in the future, you want to bring this important garment back to life, preserve it for as long as possible.

The first step is to contact a cleaning specialist that deals with heirloom textiles. We can help brides locate our trusted partners, professional bridal cleaners to take the first step towards preserving your gown. Though many dry cleaners claim to clean wedding gowns, many are not specialists.

Heirloom textiles such as wedding gowns, christening gowns, uniforms, quilts, flags and linens are often treasured for their technical, cultural and sentimental value. Because of this, it is important to take special care to ensure their long-term preservation.

The most common storage box available on the market today for garments is an “acid-free” cardboard box. However, these boxes have different levels of archival abilities. The consumer really has no way of knowing how archival their box is. Even if a box is “acid-free” it can re-acidify over time. Cardboard also absorbs moisture, which will promote the growth of mold and mildew within the storage chamber. Garment conservators recommend replacing these boxes periodically to ensure the proper long- term archival preservation of valuable textiles such as wedding gowns.

Another storage method is a cotton bag designed to hang a garment in. While these are made from archival materials, conservators do not recommend hanging a garment for long term storage because it can cause stress to the fabric and create distortion. These are also very wide and take up considerable space in the closet.

Our products take garment preservation back to basics. Using environmentally friendly materials, we created an inert garment storage kit that allows those sentimental items to be passed from generation to generation safely.

The Time in a Box preservation kit is made from an inert polymer which is used widely by textile conservators at heritage institutions worldwide, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute. Free from acids, lignin and dyes, our products are constructed without harmful adhesives and is able to repel the advances of mice and bugs. The most compelling element of this material is that unlike any cardboard, it provides a more stable environment inside the box which protects from moisture, humidity and harmful temperature fluctuations. Unlike acid-free cardboard, it cannot re-acidify over time. Our product is chemically inert, which means that it will not form chemical reactions. These reactions can cause irreversible damage to garments. This is the reason that common plastics are never recommended for the permanent storage of textiles, photographs, or any other keepsake.

A prewashed 100% organic cotton natural muslin liner is draped inside the box and layered with acid-free unbuffered tissue. It folds over the garment when packing is complete offering an extra measure of protection against acids, moisture and chemicals which may attempt to infiltrate from the outside environment. Acid-free unbuffered tissue is also included to fill, interleave, and wrap the garment for the purpose of filtering oxygen that naturally enters the box. The tissue absorbs the acids that have formed in the fibers of the garment over time.

Once your gown is clean, Time in a Box Preservation Co. will pack and enclose your garment in our inert, chemically stable, virgin polypropylene, textile enclosures. Also designed for preserving other heirloom textiles such as christening gowns, uniforms, quilts, flags and treasured lines.

Then, you can rest assured, your memories and items associated with them, are safe.

Bridal Gown Preservation Kits


Our archival gown preservation kit provides the safest environment for the long term storage and enjoyment of your cleaned wedding gown. No matter how well a gown is cleaned, sealing it inside a plastic bag or cardboard box, as well as allowing it contact with non-archival materials will yellow and deteriorate it.

Our remarkable box is water-resistant, acid/lignin/dye-free and offers excellent protection from damaging humidity and static electricity.

Kit Includes: 

  • Inert polymer box
  • An ample supply of acid free, lignin free buffered tissue
  • Organic cotton muslin liner
  • Organic cotton muslin cover
  • Cotton gloves
  • Packing and care instructions

Choose from three sizes:
Small (23Hx24Wx4D)- fits sheath dresses with no tulle underneath.
Medium(30Wx20Hx6D) – fits most A-lines, tulip or mermaid styles.
Large (34Wx24.5Hx8D)– fits ball gowns and princess styles.

Wedding Keepsake Kit

An easy way to preserve all the memorabilia from the wedding, honeymoon and perhaps even the first year as newlyweds! The elegant cotton muslin cover monogrammed with your names or initials houses the same the same box used in archival institutions to preserve precious documents and items. Inert enclosures will separate all the items you store for optimum preservation.

Kit Includes:

  • Grey acid-free, lignin-free, metal-edged clamshell fiberboard box with hinged lid. Measures (11Hx15Wx3D)
  • 5 sheets of acid free, lignin free buffered tissue
  • Document enclosures
  • Cotton muslin cover
  • Instructions

Questions? Email us here or call us at 253-838-4455

Time in a Box Testimonial

As a user of your products I would like to say that this is a unique and wonderful offering. It is classy and really a great way to store that special garment for years to come so that future generations may benefit from it too. I often wonder if in 150 years from now someone will say “Thank you for looking after this treasure for me” great, great, great, great grandma. Captivating Memories is proud to offer your products to our customers and know that we can stand behind them with confidence.

Yours sincerely,
David and Janet Bianco
Captivating Memories

Time in a Box Testimonial

Time in a Box’s inert kits are proudly and exclusively used at Busy Bee Gold. As a recipient of multiple “Best of the City” awards, it is important to our customers that their wedding gowns be treated with the same care and attention as their designer wardrobes. Time in a Box delivers the ultimate product: the boxes are of museum quality and come in several sizes to accommodate the different types and size gowns. The monogrammed cotton cover not only protects the gown from harmful light and dust but it also provides a touch of class and elegance. We have used the Time in a Box inert kit for over 8 years and have been extremely happy with the product and service.

Mohamud Rahim
Busy Bee Gold Dry Cleaners